We pride ourself in our ability to effectively impact our students making them have fun while they work. Work place becomes workplays with adequate training. We are rolling out more great designers who are taking the lead in the creative industry.

Our students learn creative thinking, strategic planning and execution. They learn how to passionately stay on top of their game. They learn not only how to design, but marketing communications, designs that improve product sales. Our students are trained to be advertisers using any medium of their choice. Armed with latest technology, both hardware and software, the sky is not the limit.
They end up with exciting careers in advertising, print, publishing, media, broadcasting, digital, Television, marketing, music industries, the list is endless.

Our courses are money spinners, industry hot cakes whose markets are readily available.


  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • A laptop computer, at least 2GB of RAM

Our Master Class intensive Practical Courses include

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